An Evening With Jorge Uribe and Friends

  • IMG_0011
    Getting off the elevator on the sixth floor.
  • IMG_0024
    The desk in the lounge.
  • IMG_0073
  • IMG_0043
    Close to the front of the apartment overlooking the park.
  • IMG_0105
    A coffee table in the lounge.
  • IMG_0135
    A trunk covered with treasures.
  • IMG_0147
    One of Ethel's paintings.
  • IMG_0177
    A storage room of paintings.
  • IMG_0208
    A painting in the kitchen.
  • IMG_0319
    Ethel spreading her wings.
  • IMG_0228
    Painting with a green theme.
  • IMG_0288
    One of Jorge's sketches of me.
  • IMG_0353-002
    The hallway.
  • IMG_0357
    A painting with a political message.
  • IMG_0073

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